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"I have had all 4 of my children at South Calgary Community Preschool, so obviously I am very impressed with what my children have gained from attending! The teaching staff pours so much into each child, and are very open and honest in their communication with parents. My children began Kindergarten with the skills they needed to thrive academically, but more importantly, had a strong spiritual base from which to flourish. This foundation has allowed my children to move on to become compassionate leaders in their new school communities."

Janna Hart



"Both of my daughters have attended SCCC Preschool. It was a wonderful introduction to school for both of them. They learned to love school. It was also great preparation for the routine and structure of kindergarten. The teachers care deeply about each of the students. Both of my girls benefited greatly from their time at SCCC Preschool."

Carmen Smilianov



"My daughter attended preschool 2013/2014, I must say all the staff at preschool are really good with the children and parents, it is well organized and very professional! My daughter learned so much in the year that she attended, she was upset she couldn't attend more days! Thank you preschool staff at South Calgary Community Church for making education such a positive experience for my child!"

Kimberley Morgan




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