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Tips to Help Your Child Start Preschool

Updated: Feb 8

Make sure you leave plenty of time on the first few days of Preschool. Stay calm, relaxed and do not rush! Have your preschooler help pack their snack and load their backpack with supplies)

  1. Visit the preschool! Walk around the outside the building, go to the park, talk about where the class is, and answer any questions your child might have.

  2. Read stories about going to preschool like (1) “Preschool Day Hooray!” by Linda Leopold Strauss, or (2) “Maisy Goes to Preschool: A Maisy First Experiences Book” by Lucy Cousins. Bedtime stories are great but did you know that reading a book for 15 minutes during the day will help your child learn to sit and settle?

  3. If your child is anxious, call and make an appointment for your child to meet his or her teacher.

  4. Pretend play about being at preschool.

  5. Go with your child on the first day.

  6. Volunteer at the school when you can.

  7. Arrange play dates with children who will be in your child’s class, and stay with your child at the play date.

  8. Put a family photo in the preschool bag for your child to look at if they are missing you or give your child a personal belonging of yours (like a favorite scarf) so they know you will come back to get it.

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