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Our two granddaughters attended SCCC’s preschool in the last five years before COVID, and it was the most wonderful experience for both of them. The program is fabulous with lots of learning and playing and with incredibly caring teachers, full of patience and grace. I volunteered in the class a number of times so I experienced first hand what was going on. I am disappointed that I do not have other grandchildren who would benefit immensely from this amazing preschool!


After looking for a preschool in South Calgary, a friend recommended South Calgary Community Preschool to us. We were so impressed with the program and knew that we could leave our children in their care with confidence! Our two daughters not only thrived socially there, but also academically. The preschool had opportunities for the children to learn through play at various centres; they also had structured time where the children practiced skills such as tracing, printing and using scissors etc. Both of my daughters adjusted to following routines at the preschool and were well prepared for kindergarten! We highly recommend South Calgary Community Preschool to anyone considering!


Our daughter enjoyed her two years at South Calgary Community Preschool! The teachers and staff were awesome, teaching children in fun-filled, interactive, and authentic ways! She also learned prayer songs she still sometimes likes to sing 2 years later before meals. One of the things we liked about SCCP was they showed love towards all the students. We felt they really care about their children. We cannot thank all of them enough for their love and all the hard work, and we thank God for guiding us to this preschool!

It was sad that our daughter could not finish her second year in person due to COVID, however, we will not forget all the big smiles and memories with the teachers, staff, classmates, parents and families!

May our loving God bless SCCP and all the new SCCP families to come!


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